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Accounting and Reporting Services

CAM International’s Accounting and Reporting Services

CAM International offers accounting and financial reporting solutions customized to meet each client’s wide array of sophisticated accounting needs.Because CAM services a wide range of clients from institutional clients to individual single home investors, it is important for us to provide customized accounting and financial reporting services that meets each client’s specific needs. Our accounting team is capable of delivering scalable, efficient, responsive and innovative accounting solutions.    CAM International is also focus on providing the accounting reporting necessary for all its foreign national clients.   CAM has the experience and the relationships with the accounting industry to ensure that our foreign national clients are properly reporting all earnings and that all allowable tax benefits are analyzed.

CAM International provides a full range of accounting and financial services to all our clients:

  • Expertise in Real Estate Accounting Software
  • Customized Financial Reporting
  • Available On-line Accounting Services for Our Clients
  • Accounting and Financial Reporting Services
  • Annual Budgets
  • Billing and Collection Services
  • Payable Services
  • Monthly Bank and Financial Reconciliations
  • Lease Analysis and Service Contract Accounting
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