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Acquisition and Sales Services

CAM International’s Acquisitions and Sales Services

As seasoned developers, owners, operators and managers of real estate, we can assist private and institutional investors with all facets of the real estate investment process. The process starts with the acquisition of real estate assets.   CAM International’s staff will assist our clients in deal sourcing, opportunity and market assessment, underwriting, transaction structuring, due diligence and business plan development for each asset.  We also help our clients formulate creative, strategic real estate solutions to optimize value of existing real estate assets.  Whatever the challenge, our clients benefit from a level of insight and competence, which is attained only through years of experience combined with a vision of the future.   Once our clients have achieved their goals and are ready to dispose of their real estate assets, our sales staff team will take over and formulate the best exit strategy to achieve maximum return for our clients

CAM International provides a full range of acquisitions and sales services to all our clients:

  • Market Studies / Research
  • Deal Sourcing
  • Opportunity and Market Assessment
  • Underwriting
  • Transaction Structuring
  • Due Diligence
  • Business Plan Development
  • Asset Positioning for Sale
  • Exit Strategy
  • Marketing of Real Estate Assets for Maximum Exposure
  • Sales Contract Negotiations
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